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A portrait on the background of mountains by Maxym Rudenko

edition 2017


Paraska Plitka-Goricvyet, an inhabitant of a remote Hutsul villageof Kryvorivnya, took pictures of local people and places for 30 years. After her death her photos were considered lost. Two years ago I accidentally came across their negatives and started to study her archives in order to find out what was important for this photographer from the past. Today, life in the village of Kryvorivnya seems to be as slow as in the days captured in the photographs I found. There still are no numbers on houses and the only road covered with asphalt is the one going through the centre of the village. However, everyone seems to have a mobile and a car today. By filming the villagers over the span of four seasons of one year, I try to show how much their lives and values have changed. This is a story about the spirit of place, the people, the relation between past and now and the passage of time. Time can change everything, but sometimes it leaves some things intact.


Maxym Rudenko

born 24.06.1975, in Nikolaev (Ukraine)


› 2005 / Attendant the course of photography at Academy of Classic Photography (Moscow, Russia)
› 2008 / course of the direction at Film and Television School (Moscow, Russia)
› 2009 / English studies at International School YMCA (Montreal, Canada)
› 2014 / The Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK), photography


› 2009 – 2010 / Patriot Rental House, television „SITI”, MMG Production, Activision Production” - cameraman


› 2008 / I Did What I Wanted › direction, photography
› 2010 / He Was Here › photography
› 2011 / I+ › photography
› 2012 / The Caste › photography
› 2013 / Based on „Idiot” › photography
› 2014 / The Settlement › photography
› 2016 / In Detachement › photograph
› 2017 / Looking into Darkness › photography
› 2017 / Nikolaev. As It Was… › photography
› 2017 / Day Off › photography