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18°C by Nadia Parfan

edition 2018


Music is born out of the crumbling central heating system of Ukraine, as a team of devoted pipe-fitters rush from home to home to tame hot fountains and … to sing! TeploKomunEnergo is a municipal heating company in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. Most of its workers are of same age as the company. Five days per week they have to deal with fountaining radiators, flooded basements and angry clients. Among other official duties, every Wednesday they come together to a recital room and sing in a TeploKomunEnergo union choir.

This is a story about central heating system as a symbol of modern Ukraine. It explores how outdated social structures do not fit into modern economy, but, paradoxically, continue to function. Traces of working class culture and human warmth serve as a survival mechanism in the times of transition.

Script and direction / Nadia Parfan

Nadia Parfan

born 19.04.1986 in Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine)

› Kiev Mohyla Academy (cultural studies)
› Central European University (social anthropology)
› Fulbright visiting scholar at the department of Geography and Urban Studies at Temple University (Philadelphia, USA)

› Assistant director with a number of foreign documentary film directors, videographers and journalists.

› 2014 / Exarch (official selection: Kyiv ISFF, Let’s CEE IFF, Cinedoc, Eastern Neighbors)
› 2016 / Reve ta Stohne on Tour (documentary / music; official selection: Warsaw IFF, Let’s CEE IFF, DocudaysUA, Odessa IFF, Wiz-Art LISFF, CinEast; awards: DocudaysUA, jury mention)
› 2017 / Housewarming (documentary/experimental; presented at: Odessa IFF, Molodist IFF)