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LOVE FOR ONE DANCE by Ekaterina Markavets

edition 2018

The idea of the film Love for one Dance comes from the project YOUNG EUROPE 2017 


The main character of the film, Sasha, is a naive and oversensitive young boy who suffers from loneliness and desires true love. He is an eccentric dancer and a film buff. He constantly changes his dancing partners – including men. During the filming, the crew realizes that Sasha sometimes can’t tell whether he is with a man or a woman. The reasons for such behaviour should be sought in his childhood. This is why the directors decide to take a closer look at his past when he was a little boy. It is possible thanks to the impressive family archives. Old tapes tell the story of a tragically deceased mother when Sasha was only 10. We see his father taking care of his new family. We also learn why Sasha craves love so much. Sasha is ready to do a lot in order to find a substitute for parents’ love. He also wants to show his father that he’s not only his son, but also a real man he can be proud of. “Love For One Dance” is a struggle of finding yourself and becoming happy.

Script and direction / Ekaterina Markavets


Ekaterina Markavets

born 18.05.1986 in Minsk (Belarus)

› 2004 – 2009 / Belarussian State University, department of television and radio, specialization: audiovisual journalism
› 2007 – 2008 / International Public Organization “Internews-Ukraine” (http://www.internews.ua/) in Kiev (Ukraine). Workshops dedicated to coverage of social issues in the media and cinema
› 2012 / Inter Visitor Lidership Program on Documentary Filmmaking in US, organized by US Embassy in Minsk (Belarus)
› 2015 / workshops for documentary directors; artistic supervision: Victor Asluk and Jacek Blawut (Belarus)

› 2008 – present / Belsat TV (author’s programs Hunting for MiraclesReporter and the documentary series Unknown Belarus and People’s Issues).
› 2016 – 2017 / organization of the documentary film club in Minsk

› 2010 / Two on The Bald Mountain › documentary
› 2015 / 200000 Rotations › film