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edition 2018

The idea of the film “The Projectionist” comes from the project Young People About Ukraine 2016; project was developed in frame of Young Europe Work in Progress 2018.

The movie “The Projectionist” is finished and waiting for the world premiere.


Valentyn is a projectionist. He has been working for 44 years in one of the oldest cinemas in the centre of Kiev. It is his last year at work and the first year in retirement. The action takes place in the projectionist’s booth in which, through a tiny window, you can see a screen with big events projected on it, such as love, war and politics. Valentyn uses one hand to operate the equipment and the other to raise a glass of liquor in the company of his friend – an Afghanistan war veteran. He dances with a casting company’s girls, who rented an office next door. He cuts hair for his 80-year-old friend, who can’t afford a hair-dresser. Valentyn is an eccentric, energetic and communicative person. He is in the centre of attention and feels that everyone needs him. Nothing changes until one day a fire breaks out in the cinema and Valentyn is forced to retire. He lives in a small old house on the outskirts of Kiev, where he looks after his bedridden mother 24 hours a day. He encounters countless hardships in his life which he always tries to overcome with a smile. What Valentyn really struggles with, however, is coming to terms with his retirement and old age.

Script and direction / Yuriy Shylov
Artistic supervision / Jacek Bławut
Production / DocEdu Foundation (Poland), Magika Film (Ukraine)
Producers / Mirosław Dembiński (Poland), Gennady Kofman (Ukraine)
Polish-Ukrainian co-production.



Yuriy Shylov

born 30.07.1990 in Kiev (Ukraine)

› Graduated from Kiev National Theatre, Film and Television University named after I. Karpenko-Kary (direction department)

› 2015 / The Weight › short feature (award at IFF of State Institute of Cinematography)
› 2016 / Panorama › short documentary (awards: International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA, IFF Odessa, IFF Kiev, gogolfest.ua)