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The Last Knights by David Gurgulia

edition 2019

The idea of the film “And Others…” comes from the project Young Europe 2017; project was developed in frame of Young Europe Work in Progress 2018 and is taking part in Young Europe Work in Progress 2019.


On Stalin’s order a small Georgian ethnic group of Khevsurs – Caucasian highlanders inhabiting the mountains near Georgia’s north-eastern border – was relocated to the lowlands. This was an act of revenge for refusing to accept the Soviet rule. People above 60 died in under a year after the relocation. The new places, like the village of Gamarjveba (Victory), were simply ghettos from which only a few managed to escape. The region became deserted. The events from 65 years ago have an impact on people’s lives even today. The case of Khevsurs is just a part of a wider problem. “…And Others” is a story of people who want to return to their roots and redefine their idea of home.


David Gurgulia

born1995, in Tbilisi (Georgia).


› 2017 / Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film University, Tbilisi (Georgia)


› Making the music clips and ads for election, advertisement campaigns („Magti”, „Double”, „KTW”, „Black Sea Arena – Georgian Voices”, Badagoni”, etc)
› The Youth Olympic Games, II director
› Tbilisoba Official Concert, II director
› Tbilisi Fashion Week executive producer


› 2016 / Somewhere in Between › short film
› 2017 / Out of Coverage › short film
› 2017 / Dialect › short film