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Baikonur Invasion by Angel Agelov

edition 2019

The idea of the film “Baikonur Invasion” comes from the project Young Europe 2017; project was developed in frame of Young Europe Work in Progress 2018 (previous title: “Cosmodrome Baikonur”) and is taking part in Young Europe Work in Progress 2019.


The protagonist – researcher Dmitro Gromov and cameraman Angel Agelov set out on a dangerous journey: they have to cross 50 kilometres of the desert in order to infiltrate the Baikonur Cosmodrome, break into the locked hangars and witness the launch of a rocket.

Their route lies through a hostile desert where the temperatures can reach 47 degrees Celsius. Dehydration, hunger, physical and mental exhaustion are not the only difficulties they face on the way to the Baikonur. The men risk prison time if they are caught by Russian soldiers since the spaceport falls under jurisdiction of the Russian Federation.

In these extreme circumstances, the protagonist learns the true meaning of fear, the desire to give up. The thrill of search suddenly dims the risk of being captured by the authorities, his exploration of a restricted area turns into a path to self-discovery.

Dmitro and Angel investigate the Buran and Burya Shuttles, the Energia M rocket -- all stocked away in their hangars, and watch the launch of the Soyuz rocket from the launch-pad where Yuri Gagarin began mankind’s journey into space. Among the numerous heaps of metal, they study their own capabilities and learn how to find strength within themselves.


Angel Angelov

born 30.10.1989 in Kiev (Ukraine)


› Kiev National Theatre, Film and Television University named after I. Karpenko-Kary, documentary direction (Ukraine)


› Experience in realisation: fiction, documentaries, social films, advertisements and music clips


› Brutto – Kapital › music video
› Gravity Force › short film (prize for the best script for short film at IFF „10th Muse” in Kiev (Ukraine))
› Insiders (season I, 10 episodes, documentary series)