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Mein Deutschland by Alexander Svishchenkov

edition 2019


Andrei Schimansky, a divorced Russian-German retiree living in Minsk, Belarus, has an identity crisis. As a child he was bullied as “Nazi”. His father Erich was an ethnic German exiled to Siberia as a Public Enemy. He never explained why. Only after he died in 1995, Andrei searched the WWII archives and discovered that his father had fought not for the Red Army, but for Nazi Germany, and that he also had a wife and a daughter in Nazi Germany, too.

His father’s secret suddenly made Andrei eligible for German citizenship with no knowledge of German. Now he is even more proud of his nationality. However, Andrei refuses to go to Germany, because he is not recognized by Germans, who class him as “Russian”, a “second-class” citizen.

After unsuccessful attempts to find support from his family, Andrei meets Irina, a beautiful woman of his age. They have a romantic relationship, but Irina starts doubting Andrei’s exaggerated role of nationality, too. Will he jeopardize his last chance to resolve his “national identity disorder”?


Alexander Svishchenkov

born 06.01.1983, Minsk (Belarus)


› 2000-2006 – Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (major: Telecommunications)
› 2010-2011 – Minsk Filmschool Studio of Andrei Polupanov (major: Filmmaking)
› 2011-2013  – Belarusian State Academy of Arts (major: Documentary Filmmaking)


› 2017 – “Son For A Father” (Kino-Dialog Social Film Workshop Project)
› 2013 – “In Memory of Ivan Catiere” (BSAA Diploma Film)
› 2013 – “Mensch. Theatrical Document” (Grand Prix of X. edition of Teatralny Koufar International Theatre Festival)
› 2012 – “Kamil Mardanakulov. Parkour Portrait”
› 2011 – “Minsk from Dawn till Dusk”