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Peace For Nina by Zhanna Maksymenko-Dovhych

edition 2019

The idea of the film “Peace for Nina” comes from the project Young People about Ukraine 2016; the project is taking part in Young Europe Work in Progress 2019.


Nina Branovytska is a retired pharmacist. Five years ago her life has changed dramatically. Her son had volunteered to serve in the Ukrainian Army. Igor Branovytsky was defending Donetsk airport. This was the place of the fierce battle between separatist troops backed by the Russian army. Staying with the badly injured fellow fighters till the very end, he was later captured by the enemy troops. He was severely tortured while in captivity and shot dead.

After two and a half months of desperate search and endless negotiations with the enemy side, Nina has managed to get her son’s body and bury him. Since then, she has been conducting her own investigation into the circumstances of her son’s death. This became her raison d'être.

The objective of this film is to follow Nina’s search and understand the never ending grief of a mother, a small person in a context of the war, who lost her loved ones. This is the story of overcoming fear and pain, the story when even a small step towards finding the truth becomes a big victory. Will Nina ever find the people who murdered her son and will it ever make her feel vindicated and come to peace with herself and the world around her?


Zhanna Maksymenko-Dovhych

Born 08.08.1977 in Kiev (Ukraine).


Graduated from journalism at Kiev National University named after Taras Shevchenko


She worked in Ukrainian TV channels as a producer, director and editor.


› 2016 / “Indestructible. Igor Branovitski”, 19’, documentary, STB, scripts, Redaction
› 2014 – 2016 / "Jakub’s Century", feature - historical mini-series, channel ”1+1”, redaction, consultant
› 2014 / "Under the Bridge", documentary, 6’, almanac “Ukraine_voices", direction
› 2013 / "House with Chimeras", documentary, 16', almanac "Open Access", direction
› 2012 / "One Day of Euro", documentary, 51', channel "Ukraine", script
› 2011 / "Pants", feature, 7'50”, almanac "Mudaky Arabesky", scripts, direction
› 2009 / "Dazzle Dreams in Nepal", music - documentary, script, direction, MTV Ukraine