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Taсheles by Helena Jasinskaja

edition 2019


"Taсheles", located in the center of Berlin, is the most famous Berlin squat and art center.

From 2008 until 2012, Taсheles is fighting for its existence with a Nordbank that wants to take away this territory and build another shopping mall there. The question arises: what will be the material or spiritual victory?

In the center of events were the representatives of the Belarusian contemporary art - Zmitser Yurkevich and Ales Rodin, who were confronted with lawyers and guards of the bank. The studio with the paintings of Ales Rodin was captured and bank security guard even cut several works…

At the end of 2012, there was a court between artists and a bank…


Helena Jasinskaja

born 1991


› Belarusian State Akademy of Arts, specialty - "Directing film and television" (2011-2016)
› Minsk film school-studio, speciality - "Filmmaker" (2009-2011)
› Graduate of the Minsk State Art College, specialty - "Graphic Design" (2008-2011)


› Belarussian tv-channels: STV, BT
› Teacher of additional education (classes "Basics of editing" 2011-2018)
› Participant and finalist of belarusian and international short film festivals: “Bulbamovie”, "Cinema Perpetuum Mobile", “Corn Short Film Festival”, "Unfiltered Cinema", "Light of the World" (Russia), "WINDOW" (Russia) etc.


› "Not a groom" (2018)
› "Adam's apple" (2017)