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Track by Andriy Verbytskiy

edition 2019


"Track" is a film offering a unique possibility to see the mode of life of the twenty-first century Poleshuks* in the middle of picturesque bogs of North Polissia. For the vast majority of locals the European longest still in operation 106 kilometers narrow-gauge railway is most likely the only mode of transport. It lost their commercial value long time ago and incurring losses however no alternative reliable modes of transportation within Polissian forests established.

A well-paced life of Poleshuks is being speed up by the locomotive whistle same as disturbed bog surface is stretched out towards a train. The railway has become part of traditional life. Pentecostals get baptized near the longest wooden railway bridge in Europe. Healers live beside the track. Wounds left by amber hunters are being soon cured by the power of nature. Railway here is a starting point for everyday activities such as going shopping, meeting family and friends or visiting a bank or hospital.

* the name given to the people who populate the swamps of Polissia

Andriy Verbytskiy


› The Kyiv National Theatre, Cinema and Television University named after I. K. Karpenko-Kary, Television and Film Director specialty.


› Telekompaniya «ICTV», assistant of producer
› 1996-2006 Telekompaniya «Alternative»
› 2008-2011 State teleradiokompaniya "World service of "UTR"
› 2011-2018 broadcasting Company «Inter»


› “Ukraine is scientific” 2005             
› “A shield of the state” 2004
› “White spots of 1917” 1999
› “Fire, water and copper pipes” 1996
› “Island is a heart” 1995

Оleg Malovitskiy


›  The Kyiv National Theatre, Cinema and Television University named after I. K. Karpenko-Kary, Camera Operation department


›  Film Studio of "Kyivnaukfilm", assistant of cameraman 
›  Film Studio of "Kyivnaukfilm", cameraman
›  Member of Union of cinematography of Ukraine

SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY (as Director of Photography):

›  "Global call", television program 50', BBC, 2015
›  "Hollywood is above Dnepr. Sleeps from Atlantida", documentary, 89', 2014, directоr O. Cherniy
›  "Komediada" film-theatrical, 2012, directоr G.Deliev, I. Grishankova  
›  "Other Chernobil'", documentary, 56', 2011, directоr A. Mikhaylik