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Bye, Bye Belarus by Aliaksandr Matfonau

edition 2022


On the outskirts of Minsk, surrounded by young pines, Anna and Alexander found a wonderful place where they want to build their family nest. They build their house there. The presidential election in Belarus and the events that followed radically changed the plans of the young family. Alexander tries to join the largest peaceful protests in the history of Belarus, for a better future for himself and his country. However, the protest are brutally suppressed. After losing her sense of security, Anna persuades Alexander to leave his new home for some time and move from Belarus to neighboring Poland.

New difficulties await them in Poland and they have to start everything from a scratch again. What will be the next step for Anna and Alexander? Will they stay in Poland or will they return to Belarus, which is sinking more and more into a political crisis?


Aliaksandr Matfonau

Born: 27 October 1977, Borisov, Belarus.


› Initiative "Solidarity with Belarus", training program of the Polish National Film, Television and Theater School | 2020-2021
› Documentary Filmmaking Course DOK PRO - Wajda School | 2019-2020
› Directing and television courses in Saint Petersburg (Saint Petersburg State Film and Television University) | 2002
› Belarusan College (journalism) | 2001-2002
› Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts (major - dramaturgy) | 1999


› camera operator (live), director (Minsk, Belarus) 2011-2020 Radio Free Europe (Radio Svaboda - Radio Liberty).
› screenwriter, director (Minsk, Belarus) 1999-2011 Belarusian Public Television (Six original projects, over 200 programs and films on various topics).


Red Mountain | 2019
Ordinary Suicide | 2018
Journey with Dmitri Bartosik | 2017-2019
Diagnosis: Bismarck | 2012