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Letters by Andrei Kutsila

edition 2022

The idea of the film Letters comes from the project Young Europe 2021


A documentary film that presents, through prison correspondence, a portrait of Belarusians who found themselves behind bars as a result of political repression. After the incredible, peaceful protest of Belarusian citizens in 2020 over rigged presidential election, demanding that Lukashenko leaves, massive repression and violence by the authorities began in the country. Currently, the protests have practically been crushed. There are dead and wounded, hundreds of people have been sent to prison with lengthy sentences. The only thing that connects political prisoners with the outside world today are letters. When there is a forced silence and people are afraid to speak out about politics, thousands of letters can tell us about their pain, despair, love and hope.


Andrei Kutsila

Author of more than ten documentary films. In 2007, he graduated in journalism from the Belarusian State University, and two years later he graduated from the Belarusian Academy of Fine Arts. He works as a freelancer and works with television. 


› When Flowers Are Not Silent | 2021  - The best documentary film at the Warsaw Film Festival,  Special mention for Best Central and East European Documentary Film at Ji.hlava IDFF, Special mention at Watch Docs FF in Warsaw, Special mention at Artdocfest in Riga,  Best Documentary at Neisse Film Festival

›  I Need the Handshake | 2020 - Distinction (FICC) at the Krakow Film Festival PerSo Short Jail Award at PerSo – Perugia Social Film Festival. Grand Prix at the International Short Film Festival in Kraljevo. Grand Prix at the Golden Beggar International Festival of Local Television in Košice. Nowe Oko Award at the Przeźrocza Film Festival

›  Striptease and War | 2019 - Film Critics Award - FIPRESCI. Award at the goEast Festival – Festival of Central and Eastern European Film. Special Jury Prize at the Listapad International Film Festival in Minsk, Special mention at DocsMX – IDFF of Mexico City,  Audience Award at OFF CINEMA IDFF in Poznan

›  Summa | 2019 - IDFA Award for the best mid-length documentary at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam. SILVER LAJKONIK at the Krakow Film Festival. THE GRAND PRIZE at the XXXIII International Film Festival in Pärnu