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Pencil by Maria Shewchenko

edition 2022


Maria and her friend, Sashko, go to the frontline city of Kharkiv to see the war with their own eyes for the first time. Humanitarian aid vehicles are moving around the besieged city, trying to provide for the basic needs of its residents. The bravest of volunteers also deliver food to those on the front lines fighting for the liberation of their native land. Buildings in the city are damaged, windows blinded with cardboard. The consequences of war are unbearable. Bodies of slain residents lie at the bus stop. A father is saying goodbye to his fallen son. Sashko films the scene and Maria can only smell the ever-present odor of blood at this epicenter of pain. He is trying to reach his relatives but some of them are stranded in the annexed Crimea and others in the occupied territories. Contacting them proves impossible. However, life goes on: babies are born in the bombed hospital and people clear the streets after yet another rocket attack ...


Maria Shewchenko

Born in Kiev


› In 2016, graduated from the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” with a degree in journalism.


› Documentary series "Winners", 2022.
› "Birthmark", 2020, IFF Bastau in 2021, best short film, IFF Pärnu in 2022, Best Student Doc.