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Someone else diary by Aleksandr Tkachenko

edition 2022


Doc is a Ukrainian artist and filmmaker. His full name is Dmytro Dokunov. In recent years he has lived in the countryside, where he built an eco-village, sang, traveled and immersed himself in digital art. A summons from the military recruiting office left him with a choice between joining the army or fleeing mobilization. Despite moral dilemmas, he took up the challenge and joined the ranks of his homeland defenders. He does not part with the camera on his smartphone and films everything that happens to him and around him, desperately trying to hold on to his humanity. Doc was assigned to the airborne. He trained for four months at a paratroop training camp, then saw the war up close, on the front lines near Kherson. His unit engaged in fierce front-line combat, spending nights in the trenches under fire. Explosions, people dying, dozens getting injured, loss of the loved ones, direct clashes with the enemy... How will these traumatic experiences change Doc's sensitive soul?


Aleksandr Tkachenko

Worked in television as a director and author of programmes for ten years.

General director of the "Editorial" media project (2018-2020) Interested in problems of

anthropology and urban planning ("Disappeared Odessa", "Peresyp: depressive reality and steep prospects", "New Odessa myth").

He shot promotional, advertising and music films for MAMAI production.

Promo for the international mission - "EUBAM. Document" 

Promotional films of the city - "Eurovision - 2017. Welcome to Odessa", "5T. Invest in Odessa", "Te amo Italia... La tua Odessa", "Greece and Odessa. Time travel".

He made historical films commissioned by the German government "Wir sind keine Fremden" "We are not strangers, 2015".

In recent years, he has focused on making a series of ethnographic films about Bessarabia

"Anthropology", "Family Portrait" on Public and First TV channels

Cooperation with international Roma organizations "To be equal: untold histories", "New Romani alphabet"


› Graduated from the Faculty of History of I. I. Mechnikov National University in Odesa Anthropologist.

› Completed Waldemar Dziki's Patchwork Cinemotion Group screenwriting course (2011-2012).


› Winner of the national television competition "Open Ukraine" in 2011 and 2012 with "Route 20" and "Paradise" respectively.