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The subway by Pavel Dorohoi

edition 2022


From the beginning of the war, Kharkiv was exposed to artillery fire and even occupied by enemy troops. In this situation, the subway was perceived by many residents as the only relatively safe place. They began to move there and – over time – slowly got used to living there. Subway cars standing at stations were occupied. Families with children settled in isolated technical rooms. Most were simply camping on the platforms. Water, food and toilets became a problem. The numbers of hungry people were growing. In May, the administration told the people to leave the subway cars and then to leave the subway.  People were forced to leave their shelter that at least gave them an illusion of safety.


Pavel Dorohoi


› 2016 School of Contemporary Photography "DOKDOK" documentary photography and photojournalism, documentary photography and other media.

› 2016 "Other voices, other rooms" school of documentary photography (Ukraine/Sweden)


› 2020 Group exhibition "REVision" at Yermilov Center (Kharkov) participant in the exhibition of Roman Pyatkovka's students with the art project "Red Corner Club".

› 2020 Open competition "Odesa Photo Days 2020" participant in the main exhibition of the festival - photographic project "Without a bit of art", finalist of the competition "Odesa Photo Days 2020"

› 2020 Indie Lab documentary workshop for young filmmakers


› "Dairy 1937"

› "Architectural Encyclopedia of Ukraine". 

› 2022 Photo-studies of late socialist architecture in Ukraine and the Czech Republic under the subject grant Culture and creative industries, from the "House of Europe"

› 2022 Sergei Bukovsky film program

› 2022 Winner of the Civil Pitch 2.0 program from Doсudays UA for the production of a short documentary film, with the project "Armyiska"