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Baseball village by Ihar Chishchenia

edition 2022

The idea of the film Baseball village comes from the project Young Europe 2020


In the U.S., baseball is almost like a religion, but in Belarus, like in the rest of Europe, it’s only a curiosity. Nevertheless, it somehow managed to take root in the small village of Lohiszyn. Anatoly Lobachevsky has a small farm there with a cow and a big garden. He enjoys picking berries, mushrooms and forest herbs. In addition to the typical activities of a villager, for the past 15 years he has led the local baseball team that consistently wins the Belarusian championship. On the village’s main street, next to the Lenin monument, there is a billboard showing the players. They work hard every day and look nothing like the top American baseball players. Anatoly puts a lot of effort into running the team. After completing his studies, he could have stayed and worked in the capital, but he preferred to return to his beloved native village. Many players still remember his days as a math teacher. Anatoly worries about the young people gradually losing interest in sports.


Ihar Czyshchenia

Born 1988 in Belarus


› Belarusian State Academy of Arts, specialty “Documentary film and television directing” (years 2006 - 2010).


› since 2011 till present moment – Director at the Documentary Film Studio “Letopis” at National Film Studio “Belarusfilm”.


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