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Bitter Sugar by Ana Barjadze

edition 2020


Agara, a small town in Georgia, Shida Kartli region, is well-known by sugar factory,which is main source of employment in this town and around the area. Howevernow it stopped working and half of the people from this region is without job.

Unemployed people made several big actions, but they didn’t get good result,factory is stopped again. The government made a meeting with people and toldthem that everyone in Georgian parliament know about this problem and theyare trying to solve it. But in the meantime in the region there is the newinstitution built - jail. Citizens got angry and confused about this.

From the factory workers I have chosen one woman, three boys, whose motherworked there and one man who is working in this factory for many years.

I want to show their life without factory in dead town and their thoughts aboutjail. Is jail the real solution and just government’s new promise?

Ana Barjadze

born 1998


› Shota Rustaveli State University of Theater and Cinema, student of Film and TV Faculty


› Regional Coordinator CineDoc Tbilisi
› Preparing Video Installs with Swedish Video Players (Josefina Posch & Leslie Johnson)
› Modern Cinema Grandmasters Project Photographer
› Katerina - Assistant Director of American Film
› Regional Photographer of Polish Civic Education Center
› Daubland - Assistant to the director of Iranian film Ebrahim Ebrahimian
› Assistant to the director of the movie "Equity"
› Assistant to the director of the film "Apollo-Javakheti".
› Founder and Photographer of Gori Photographers Club