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Women by Tatia Akhalshenashvili

edition 2020


The film is about three women who have completely different life experiences and have the same challenge – they want to escape “imprisonment”. By analyzing their past, they are trying to answer the most important question – what was that turning moment which completely changed their lives, how they live nowadays in Georgia, in the 21st century.

Behind the each heroine’s personal tragedy and story there is different problem.

Nana spent years in prison for the falsification of diplomas. Her family was responsible for the personal crisis in her life. Now she writes poems, works on the felt and dreams to become the famous poet.

Iana had been the victim of domestic violence from her husband for years. After escaping this violence there is no happy end in her life – now she is the victim of herself, she violates the rights of her children and has no resource to change her life.

Maia is the victim of political processes in her home country. She was abducted by Russian soldiers from her yard and only after paying the penalty returned to her village – Khurvaleti. Now she fights every day for living because the occupation line between Russia and Georgia lies on her yard. Giving interviews to various journalists is the only attention from the society.

Tatia Akhalshenashvili

born in 1988, Tbilisi.


› 2012 / Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University, faculty of Film and TV; the bachelor degree of Documentary Film Directing.
› graduated from the Master’s Program at the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University


Director of several short documentaries, including short experimental documentary “Under the blanket” funded by the Georgian National Film Center. Co-founder and film director at the company “NewDocFilm”, which is oriented on producing art-house documentaries.