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Children of change by Helena Veras

edition 2021


A group of friends completely indifferent to politics is forced to grow up rapidly in connection with the events in Belarus after the election. Before, all they cared for was having fun: tying a sled to a car and going for a ride or having a nice drink while meeting at someone else's dacha. Now they drop everything they do and go on protest marches. They do it in their own way, creatively and with joy. Each of them is charming and unique. However, the situation changes rapidly. The militia appears, the carnival turns into a hunt in the mists of tear gas. One of them is arrested. Young people are confronted with the harsh reality and lawlessness.


Helen Veras

Director of documentary and fictional films, film editor, camera operator, photographer from Minsk. Graduate of Belarusian State Academy of Arts, specialization “Film and television directing”. Participant of Belarusian and international short film festivals.