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To Belarus with Love by Veranika Bandarovich

edition 2021


It is a film essay in which the main character opens to viewers a Pandora's box of her own feelings related to the events in Belarus in 2020. The country is torn apart by protests. How do these events change people? Being away from homeland is no excuse for not being involved. It causes frustration, rage, pain and shame, but also gives hope. Thoughts are reflected in action. How will the heroine handle everything that happens in her native country while she is in Great Britain? How will she deal with her guilt and will she decide to return to the country while many Belarusians are being forced to leave it?


Veranika Bandarovich


› Master in Film Directing from the University of Edinburgh (eca) | 2020
› BA in Film and Television Directing from the Belarusian Academy of Arts | 2012


May Bee, International Film Festival on Social Changes St. Andrew Film Festival Short Long World Festival – Argentina San Jose International Film Awards | 2020
People are needed, MFF Northern Lights: Nordic-Baltic Film Festival in Belarus Documentary Films Festival of the CIS Countries "Eurasia.DOC" XXV International Festival of Cinema and Television "Radonezh" | 2019
Gypsy Destiny. Be yourself, (part of the “Odliczanie” [countdown] project) Festival of one project “Odliczanie” (Countdown) | 2012
Neither silver nor gold, VIII Republican Festival of Belarusian Films in Brest | 2012