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Books vs Asphalt by Tetiana Hanzha

edition 2021


Valentine, Georgia, Nadia, Arystarkh and Oleksandr have been selling books at the used book market in Kiev for decades. Each of them has their own specialization: mathematics, philosophy, fashion, world literature and engineering. They spend their days saving old books, haggling for a better price and amusing regular and new customers with jokes and stories. One day, they find out that the land where they sell second-hand books has been sold. In a year the old market will be closed and a new shopping center will be built. It is a symbolic moment showing the transition from one civilization to another, the twilight of the Gutenberg era and the beginning of the Internet age.


Tetiana Hanzha

› Graduate of literary studies at the Kiev-Mohyla Academy
› Translator for Urban Studies and Mistosite journals
› She is interested in urban planning.
› “Books versus asphalt” is her debut feature-length documentary