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Last Summer by Ihar Chishchenia

edition 2021


The film tells the story of teenage skaters from Minsk who are enjoying the summer of 2020, probably the most difficult summer in the history of Belarus. They will never forget that summer: they fall in love, argue, reconcile, disappoint, laugh, go to clubs, prepare for exams, sing songs, but most of all they skateboard. They feel free in a country where the word “freedom” and its very notion are highly abstract. These young people personify the “tomorrow” of Belarus.


Ihar Czyshchenia

Born 1988 in Belarus


› Belarusian State Academy of Arts, specialty “Documentary film and television directing” (years 2006 - 2010).


› Director at the Documentary Film Studio “Letopis” at National Film Studio “Belarusfilm” | from 2011


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