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Veterans. War and Lemonade by Ilia Pantsulaia

edition 2021


76 years have passed since the Second World War. There are fewer and fewer witnesses of war who are still alive. The film tells how the war changed the everyday life of ordinary people and how it affected each of them. The protagonists of the film are Georgian soldiers who served the Soviet Union, aged 97-98. Today they recall their past and the war that must not be repeated. War, stories of people and a past that is already part of history.


Ilia Pantsulaia


› Shota Rustaveli State University of Theatre and Cinema, student of the Department of Film and TV | from 2021
› Hybrid Warfare and Processes in the Information Environment “Centre for Strategic Communication – Georgia” | 2021
› Basic training in cinematography, Georgia Television Academy (NGO) | 2019-2020


› Centre for Strategic Communication – Georgia | 2020-2021
› Civic Laboratory | 2021