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Where is the dog burried? by Andrij Litvinienko

edition 2021


On the outskirts of the city, in an abandoned industrial zone, you can hear dogs barking behind the fences. Starving, dirty animals wander around the abandoned buildings of a ruined thermal power plant. They sneak among rubbish covered with sparse plants. The scenery resembles that from catastrophic science fiction movies. The last righteous try to preserve the crumbs of humanity by saving animals abused by other people, feeding them, dressing their wounds, hugging them. We also see an actual fire pit from which they dig up charred bones. This is a shelter set on fire by humans where several hundred dogs were burned alive.


Andrij Litvinienko

Born 1985


› Gaude Polonia scholarship | 2013
› Documentary direction at Wajda School | 2013
› Direction at Kiev National Theatre, Film and Television University named after I. Karpenko-Kary | 2010


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